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"Did you know that I am the nineteenth most Patriotic man in the world?"

"That's interesting. Why do you say that?"

"I did some research on the Internet about very Patriotic people and I only found eighteen who might be more Patriotic than myself."

"So you made up this patriotism ranking system yourself? Who are you to judge people's patriotism?"

"I'm the nineteenth most Patriotic man in the world, who the fuck are you?"

"Not a nut who capitalizes the word patriotic."

"It's more Patriotic this way. I gained seventy ranks from this idea alone."


"And how can you tell what I'm capitalizing? We're speaking, not writing."

"This is a text message conversation, Michael."

"You can go to hell. You should see how Patriotically I write the word U.S.A. I dot the I's with bald eagles, bro. Bald eagles the size of dots. And not really tiny drawings of bald eagles, but actual living bald eagles the size of dots. How Patriotic is that?"
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If I was one million times more likely to be killed by a meteor than the average person, you might advise me against becoming an astronaut, but in fact, astronauts are in danger of asteroids, which are not meteors until they enter the atmosphere.
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On a female helicopter the altimiter is to the left of the tachometer, on a male helicopter it's above it. That's the only way to tell. Automobiles are female if they have a license plate in the front and the back, and male if there's only one on the back. Automobiles have no gender if they have no plates. A brand new car straight from the dealership is sexless even with the paper temporary plates until it gets real metal ones. All ships are female unless they're spaceships in which case they're male if American and female if foreign, all submarines are male, and construction vehicles like bulldozers can have up to nine different genders for each make and model. Trains have three genders: those that run north-south are male, those that run east-west are female, and those that run northeast-southwest or northwest-southeast are primale. All high-speed trains with a maximum speed of over 200kph are primale regardless of vector.
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I just got a really nice LCD monitor today and used it to take a look through my DA gallery. I realized that this monitor is well calibrated and has proper brightness and contrast, while the laptop's display that I've been relying on for the past two years is quite flat and dark. I think I've been overcompensating in my post-processing to correct for the flaws of my laptop's display rather than actual low contrast or color in my photos, and as a result there might be quite a few photos that are wildly oversaturated or have ridiculous contrast. My bad!
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Add your photo to a couple dozen groups. If it's a really good photo, it might get 100+ views, but within minutes other people's photos have pushed yours off the groups' front pages and it will never be seen again.
A few hours later, when on your photo's page, press G to see a list of groups it's in. Click the X to the right of each group to remove the photo from the group, and then click to add the photo back to the group. The photo will move to the top of the group's gallery and get even more views. With Flickr's new system, this can be done within a minute.
It's an asshole way to promote your work but it's effective :)
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If you've been a DA member for a long time you'll know what I'm talking about. I joined about five years ago and honestly my photography was terrible back then. Now I wonder if I should take my really old photos offline, because they reflect negatively on me as an artist, or if I should keep them up as a record of how far I've come.
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Through the Freedom of Information Act, Wikileaks was able to obtain a video shot with a camera mounted on the cannon of a US Army Apache attack helicopter in Iraq. The video shows the helicopter crew mistaking a group of AP, Reuters, and AFP photographers carrying cameras with really long lenses for a group of terrorists with RPGs and AK-47s, then the helicopter opens fire and blows them up. Then, the helicopter shoots up a van that comes to collect the dead and rescue the wounded. They're clearly not trying to kill journalists, you can hear the soldiers speaking and they really believe the guys are some kind of heavily armed terrorist group and they need to open fire before they shoot down the chopper.
Couldn't this tragedy have been avoided if the helicopter had a much better video camera that was sharp enough for the crew to differentiate lenses from weapons?
Watch the first video here,
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THIS guy is my new favorite photographer, period. His landscape photos of the Pacific Northwest are spectacular because he clearly loves the land and fully engages himself with nature. Every last shot in his gallery is brilliant to the point where it's on par with Ansel Adams.
I hope I'm half as good someday.
Marc Adamus.
Check it out.
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I just downloaded and played with Google Earth for the first time (yeah I know, welcome to 2003) and it's fantastic! You can zoom in ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD down to where you can see branches on trees and what color cars on the roads are. And the best part is that there are little icons scattered around the world wherever someone has taken a photo and uploaded it to Flickr or Panoramio, which you can then click and see the picture. I just spent some time in Glacier National Park in Montana looking at hundreds of terrific tourist's photos, and then I warped to the Midway Islands and saw an airport which has been abandoned since World War II. On a more practical level, I also looked around a state park in North Jersey that I want to go to tomorrow, and I plotted out a route based on the best pictures other people took.

And it's free!

Happy satellite spying everyone!
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How awesome is my new avatar on a scale of awesome to awesome?
I think awesome.
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When you think of a photograph or really any other visual art form, you automatically think of a rectangular frame. How many photographs have you seen that were circles, triangles, pentagons, stars, or organic shapes instead of the same old box artists have been using for a thousand plus years? And not just on the web; but in publications, advertising, and fine art in galleries and homes. Rectangles are traditional and practical, but why isn't anyone breaking that mold? Modern art seems to be all about breaking established barriers. I wonder why this one hasn't been broken yet.
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If you're a photographer like me and not motivated enough to build your own website, there are several websites that you can use to sell prints. You make an account, upload your images (doesn't have to be photography, some sites take other visual art forms as well), and hopefully people will buy them. Each of these sites has a slightly different business model but the gist is always the same.
Here are a few I know of.
If you know of any others please tell me!
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Have you found that pictures you take with a long exposure, even when your camera is firmly set up on a tripod, are slightly blurred? Here's a tip—use your camera's self timer (most cameras have this feature that delays the shutter opening for a few seconds so a photographer can take a picture of himself, giving him enough time to walk into the frame). Just the act of pressing the shutter button on your camera can cause some slight vibrations that can ruin the sharpness of your image, especially when you're using a very heavy lens. To compensate for this, set the self timer for two to five seconds. This is a long enough period of time for any camera vibration caused by your hands to cease, and will improve the quality of your long exposure images dramatically.
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My entry to a pet photo contest at my local Petco won, and will be entered into the state finals.
Here's the picture I entered, of my dog Pib.…
I'll spend the $15 gift certificate prize to buy him some new toys.

*Edit June 19* I won for the state, and got $100!
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  • Drinking: seltzer my new favorite photographer, I specifically like his abstract body of work in the 50s and 60s. His philosophy is that it doesn't matter what it's a picture of, it only matters how the picture looks in the frame, very much like abstract impressionist painting. That is very different from my personal style of showing the subject as clearly and often scientifically as possible. I've been doing some shooting inspired by Siskind's abstracts in the last couple of days and it's a liberating experience.
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...the best sushi place in Manhattan. Order the Sashimi Deluxe, it's great!
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My family members are dying at the alarming rate of three per year now.
There are only eight people left alive anywhere in the world who are related to me by blood. Everything is so temporary.
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